Our Mission is to deliver the best care and rapid transport possible for the residents served.
The Town Of Corinth EMS was founded in 2011 and provides Municipal Paramedic Level EMS services to the Town and Village of Corinth, Town of Day and Greenfield. We offer a variety of services and training including:
  • EMT Courses, AHA Training, with the AHA CPR & First-Aid
  • Continuing Medical Education for EMS Providers
  • 911 transport needs
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transport
  • Specialty Care Transport (SCT)
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    • Two paramedic level Ambulances
    • Two paramedic level EASV units
    • Lucas CPR technology
    • 12lead Acute MI diagnostics
    • Medication Facilitated Intubation
    • Controlled Substances
    • Carbon Monoxide diagnostics
    • Vial of Life community
Looking to help your community? To make a difference when a disaster strikes - be it a car accident, or heart attack, or hurricane? Want to be able to handle emergencies calmly? Be ready for when your friends or family get sick or injured?

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Emergency medical services (EMS), as a profession, is now barely a generation old. All of us working in the EMS professions recognize the enormous debt of gratitude that we owe to our predecessors for the astounding progress that has been made during our professional lifetimes in all aspects of the field, including education.

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